Sunday, July 11, 2010

Enjoying the weekend

I have been enjoying a great weekend with Jennifer as she came home to Timmins to relax for a few days. One of the things we did was visit her old elementary school where she reminded me that there was a line on the wall of the school that could be seen by every kid in the schoolyard. Boys were allowed to play on one side of the line in the schoolyard and girls were allowed to play on the other side. Hmmmm…I found that a bit unusual. Oh well. Jenn sure turned out okay! It has been nice to spend a few days with Jennifer, but celebrating with family members all over Timmins is more fun than we imagined. Tiring too. But it's always nice to enjoy great people with the amazing summer weather we have been enjoying so far in July. I shot a fresh photo of Jenn with her new hair style. She missed her long hair, but everyone agrees that she is still a cutie with short hair too.


Anonymous said...

I have to say, Jen. you look fabulous, and so happy that you are doing sooo good. Keep it up girl, i know you are not one to give up. The short hair sure looks great on you. Whatever you are doing don't stop, because it sure is working for you. Keep it up with your good health and so nice to hear you're in remission. Always liked chatting with you when we got together. One that knows that things change in you. Wish i could of chatted with you on the weekend... but!!! life changes. Good luck with everything!!!!

Anonymous said...

nice seeing you guys. jenn yes of course looks beautiful. the hair is totally cute. hopefully won't be another 5 yrs before we see you guys again. luv ya.Ta.