Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Saturday.

A fine hot Saturday morning in Timmins. I am enjoying a cup of coffee and munching on chocolate cookies. I have company this weekend. Jennifer is here and it's very nice. The best part was Thursday afternoon when we went out for a walk downtown, in and out of the stores, shopping. Yup, Jenn can walk just fine. She has a cane now and she is determined as ever. I haven't shot a fresh photo of her, because I can barely keep up to her, but I will get a few. Jennifer's hair is slowly growing back and all the aunt's and cousins are telling her how beautiful she looks. Down in Sudbury, Scott and the boys are enjoying a 'boys only' weekend, while up at camp, Denise and her sisters are having a girls weekend. Soon I will be enjoying more of the homemade jams Denise sent up, strawberry and rhubarb. Wow. Yesterday it was nice when some of the Maltais women arrived in town for a visit. Lorraine, Lilliane and Helen Richer showed up. The kitchen table party at Aunt Sue's place went on till two oclock this morning. Helen and Tasha are on their way in from Red Lake. If anyone has ever wondered how big Northern Ontario is, it is taking them two days to make the drive from Red Lake to Timmins. It will be nice to see them. I slept in this morning to eight oclock. Time for another hot cup of coffee.

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