Thursday, July 15, 2010

Winding down ...

It’s Wednesday (or early Thursday morning) and I am winding down. What a great week. Jennifer arrived last Thursday and we sure enjoyed each other’s company for a few days. She went back home Tuesday. We spent five days together and went out to restaurants for five days. It was fun. It was like a vacation for me. We had dinner at home though on Thursday. I was pleased to treat Jenn to a nice steak that we bought at Pick of the Crop. I was worried that I wouldn’t cook it right, but it turned out just fine. It was also time to use the good dinnerware. I always use the same two plates myself. But with Jenn’s visit, we brought out the Royal Doulton so that was nice too. (It was the first time I ever used it!) I forgot to unpack the crystal wine glasses, but we still managed to put away a few bottles of wine. I think the best part was seeing Jenn up and about puttering around my kitchen and doing dishes. Life is good eh.

Jennifer had a nice time too especially because she got to see some of her favourite aunties who were all in town for the weekend. (Front row from left) Lorraine, Suzanne, Lorraine, Helen, (back row from left) Linda and Lilliane sure seemed to be enjoying themselves when we dropped by Moe's place for a backyard fire.

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