Monday, June 14, 2010

Can you dig this?

If I am smiling the biggest smile today it's because I lucked into a jazz album I sure never expected to buy. Well, maybe that's not true because with ebay and you can buy almost anything. But on Sunday I dropped into a record store that I rarely visit. I was actually looking for a movie DVD, but I dropped by the jazz section and found a fabulous CD by Miles Davis called Kind of Blue. It was recorded in 1959 by Columbia Records. Among some of those joining Miles was John Coltrane and Cannonball Adderley. I am a jazz fan, but I don't know enough to be a jazz snob. I'm working on it. Some people consider this not only Davis' best ever album, but the best jazz album ever produced. So I snuck out of the office today and I'm working from home with the stereo just sizzlin' with some of the best music I've ever enjoyed. Some of my friends know I have this silly rule "55 to 75" that basically says if the music wasn't produced between those years of 1955 to 1975, it's not really that good. Think about that!

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