Sunday, June 13, 2010

So what's up?

About time I dropped by here with an update. Had a quick chat with Jenn this week and she is doing great. The boys and Scott are great too. There's something about the arrival of nice summer weather that makes you feel good. I can't wait to go jump in the lake. I know a lot of people like pools. Some like swimming in the ocean. My preference is a nice cool, clear Northern Ontario lake with the sun rippling down to the rocks and sand on the bottom. I've a few friends who have nice lakeside cottages. One of my favourite memories is getting up early in the morning, sipping a hot coffee, having a quick sauna and jumping into the lake.
This week was busy but good. I covered the provincial mine rescue event this week and was at the dinner last night when it was announced that Timmins won the big competition. That was a nice thing.
Was up early this morning and got around to a bit of housework. Then today I was out shopping on picked up one of those Swiffer dusters. I saw it on a TV commercial so I will have to try it out. Woohoo... my life is fuh eh?
Speaking of TV, I hardly watch it, but I have been checking out some of the World Cup soccer games. It's not as much fun as hockey, but I can see why people get excited. I have to say that I find the noise of the spectator horns just too much to listen to, so i mute the volume and watch the action.
Well I spoiled myself again today. I dropped by Pick Of The Crop and picked up one of those marinated ribeye steaks. I usually buy strip loins, but a friend convinced me that ribeyes are better. Will be sure to let you know.

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