Saturday, October 03, 2009

Some good news

It was so nice to chat with Jennifer this morning. She picked up the phone and was having a hard time moving it to the bed -- and I could hear her whispering some nasty words … So I knew that was a good sign! We both laughed about that. But today seems to be a good day for her. “I feel really good Dad,” she said. “ I think I’ve turned a corner…”
You can imagine how good it was to hear her like that. This is four days in a row of no fever and the med team is cutting back on her anti-biotics. The doctor told Jenn that her blood counts are coming up really well. That is also restoring her strength and energy.
She is still on the liquid nutrients through the I.V. tube, but she is also allowed some liquids by mouth now. Yesterday she had chicken broth. Today she has had apple juice and cranberry juice and they’re urging her to drink lots and lots of ginger ale. It seems that ginger ale has lots of phosphorous which is something the body needs. The pain in her back, the radiation burn, is still annoying her, especially when she moves. But she says she doesn’t think about it that much and that she can take pain medication if its really bad. So Jenn is having a better time right now. She’s hoping to get back to a more regular system of physio-therapy so she can hopefully get feeling and strength back in her lower body. Hope is such a good thing.

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Debbie said...

Hi Jenn
Glad you are starting to feel some what better, Haven't posted a message in a bit to wish you luck as the crazy flu is going around and I didn't want you to get it, lol. Actually I wasn't up to par to be on the computer. After reading your Dad's note and getting caught up on how you are doing, I am glad to hear you are doing better. You are still in my prayers and thoughts. Keep going Jenn you are one strong lady. And yes dam habs had to beat our leafs.