Thursday, October 01, 2009

Holding hands will make you cry...

I had mixed feelings when I chatted with Jenn tonight. She was feeling pretty good she said. But we watched the last of the Toronto Maple Leafs game together and just when we thought it would be a win for the Leafs, Montreal scored and tied up the game. “Welcome to the Leaf Nation” Jenn sighed. Then we watched the overtime period together and with seconds left to play, Montreal scored again! Oh, oh ... What a letdown eh. Anyway, Jenn says she thinks she is getting a bit stronger each day. And there is no fever. Today the doctor let her drink some apple juice. Eventually, she will be able to drink broth and then some soft foods. She says she is sure looking forward to that. The MRI imaging she had earlier this week shows nothing new and the doctor told Jenn that is good news. She says she still feels pain in her upper back and the doctor thinks it is a radiation burn from the intense radiation therapy. It’s like a really severe sunburn. So we will follow that. Scott treated Jennifer today by showing up with a photo of their front yard. They live in the country and have a nice big parcel of land with beautiful trees and shurbs, all surrounded by forest. Scott tacked the photo up on the wall in her room. How nice is that! Another good thing is that Jenn’s isolation rules are being relaxed. Scott brought Tyler and Nate to the hospital and Jenn told the boys to go and make sure they washed up their hands really well. When they came back into the hospital room, Jenn said she was able to touch her little boys and hold hands for the first time in many, many days. She said she started crying when she held their hands because she was happy. I cried when she told me. Funny what we take for granted eh?

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