Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Jennifer is improving

Jennifer got more good news today. Her doctor said the bone marrow test from earlier this week was negative, so far, for leukemia cells. So it appears the first session of chemo therapy was doing what it was supposed to. Jenn says it means her medication is heading her in the right direction. It doesn’t necessarily mean all the cancer is gone. It means there’s a whole lot of new hope today that she didn’t have a week ago. Whew! Her oncologist says now that the marrow appears clean, a new procedure will begin Friday. They will begin a series of chemo-injections directly into Jennifer’s spine to make something of a direct attack on whatever is left of the original tumour that was located on her spine. Jennifer says at some point after that, the med team will initiate another round of direct chemo-therapy. She says now that she sees how good the results are she isn’t too worried about coping with the next round. Jenn says she is determined to fight to get better. I think that slice of pizza she had on the weekend really perked her up eh!
~ ~ ~
On another note, my little brother Ronald is back into the thick of it again with some army buddies. Ron, who lives with his fabulous wife Loni (the air force gal), on the west coast is this week heading to Afghanistan. He will be going with another bunch of young soldiers to a hole in the ground known as a Forward Operating Base (FOB). So be sure to add him to your Christmas Card list: Sgt. Ronald A. Gillis, C-company, 1st Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry, Afghanistan. That’s the place there, Sperwan Ghar, in the photo. Photo Credit: Canadian Forces Combat Camera.
Someday I will tell you the story of the time I went to see Ron on a winter military exercise in Northern Ontario where a thousand soldiers para-jumped in at minus 45 degrees Fahrenheit. He convinced me to sneak him out so we could go for a beer. So he lay down on the floor in the back seat of the car while I drove through the military checkpoints. That was fun. Stay safe Bro!


Line said...


I am so thrilled. I have not stopped praying for you Jenn.

Love Aunt Line

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear Jennifer is doing well. All the cousins here in Cape Breton are keeping her in our prayers.
On another note, your dear brother Ronald has hid on the floor of cars more than once. I can remember being in a car with Dad and uncle Neil, hiding Ronald from Uncle Jimmy. I think he had been out on a raft or something. Ronald was alot of fun when we were kids, he was older and always in trouble. We kinda worshiped him, the cousin from Ontario who was only here for thr summer.