Saturday, October 10, 2009

Good, good news

Apologies for not being here sooner, or more often this week. So many good things are going on. Just got back to the house after spending the most of the day with Jennifer. Actually I am not at my home but at Scott and Jenn's place. Jennifer had a good day today...thanks to so many good people. I hadn't seen her in awhile, but it was nice to see how much better she looks now that things are improving overall. So that is hugely thanks to Denise, Jenn's mom in law, and Candace, Jenn's cousin. Jenn is also blessed with a fabulous medical team. And of course, there is a steady stream of visitors from Jenn's friends and co-workers. It was nice to meet Jenn's longtime friend Nikki once again, who was at the hospital when I arrived. Oh, I sucked up today... I showed up with a couple of boxes of butter tarts from the amazing Vicki D'Amours bakery in Timmins, and dropped them off at the nurse's station in the oncology ward. There is nothing sweeter or more mouth-watering. The nurses loved them. Tyler and Nathan both had hockey games today and then they're heading up north to Westree to spend some time at camp with Don and Denise, and cousin Victoria along with Christine and Dimitrios. It was nice to chat with the boys for a bit. They're looking great. We also had a chat with Neil on the phone today... he is flying east at this very mnoment and should be landing at Pearson sometime around midnight. He will be arriving in Sudbury tomorrow and we'll all have a very nice Thanksgiving dinner.
Michelle and her husband Neal in Timmins are going to be checking out my house today and suggesting some improvements ... Michelle is the real-estate lady who will be selling my house. Yup, time to change my lifestyle... Hopefully I will be in some new digs before the snow flies. And I have no plans of shovelling driveways anymore. So we will see how that all unfolds in the coming weeks.

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