Monday, September 28, 2009

Neil is coming home...

Jennifer had a relatively good weekend, thanks to a lot of people, she told me. She was really happy to hear that Neil will be heading back this way early next month. Her favourite little brother spent some time on the phone with Jenn over the weekend and that sure brightened her day. I have to admit I will look forward to seeing Neil as well. Maybe I will learn more about the business of running a brew-pub in Vancouver. Poor Neil has to manage two of these places and no doubt has to keep up on all the flavours of the new beers they produce. Sounds like the perfect job, … reminds me of Norm on Cheers! Jenn and her men (Scott and the boys) had a family weekend at the hospital. She says they all got to sit down in front of the TV and watch the Leafs game Saturday night. She was sure pleased the Leafs won. I can’t wait for the day when Scott and Jenn can go back to Toronto to watch the Leafs again. Tyler and Nathan also had their hockey tryouts and Scott was happy to go along and make sure the boys had fun. When we talked today, I said to Jenn… “He is such a good Dad.” Jenn said, “He is Grrreat Dad!”
Jenn said she also had visitors over the weekend, despite being in an isolation room, and she’s always glad to see them. Luckily, Jennifer’s cousin Candice lives in Sudbury, and is able to be there so often. Candice and Jennifer - I can’t help but think of those two as the snotty kids who were always underfoot at Grandma’s place when they were little. It’s amazing to see them as two wonderful women these days who are still the best of friends .. even if they are still basically a couple of nice beer-drinkin' gals from Timmins.
So today was a new day and Jenn had some pain in her back. The med team is not sure what it is, but Jenn says they may be able to book an MRI to find out more. That might be happening tomorrow. Her digestive system is still a worry. With all the meds, and chemicals that have been forced into her body in the past month, I am not surprised. She is still on liquid nutrients and that means she cannot eat or drink normally. That is upsetting. When we are healthy, we just take so much for granted.

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We absolutely take things for granted, we just never know.