Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another good day... so many good people

I didn’t get through to Jennifer last night because her phone wasn’t working yesterday. The hospital staff replaced it and so we had a nice long chat this morning. There is good news. Jenn’s CT scan on Friday went well. She said it was all clear and nothing was showing. The med team was worried about her digestive system and decided to have a close-up look at things. So good news is always welcome. Jenn added that she is often overwhelmed by the good thoughts, good intentions and good things that people do for her. She said she was in tears yesterday because her co-workers decided to take up a collection to help her out and it was matched dollar-for-dollar by her boss, Junior. Jenn said she couldn’t get over how generous people are. She had only gone back to Pat & Marios earlier this year, after being away for many years. Jenn had worked there before in her university days and always liked it. I remember earlier this year she said she was happy to be back because it was such a good place to work with great people. No kidding eh. We also talked today about how so many ordinary people want to be able to do nice things to help other people. What a good life-lesson that is. It was just a few weeks back that Demetrios (Christine’s partner) was able to bring holy water and holy oil from Greece that his devout grandmother had sent specifically for Jennifer! How cool is that? Jennifer was so touched and grateful for that kindness. Today is hockey tryout day for Valley East. Jenn says Tyler and Nathan are all excited and will be dropping by the hospital later in the day to talk about the upcoming season. I know she wishes she could be with the boys … actually she is more of a hockey nut than most people realize. I remember one Saturday morning around last Christmas when we went out to watch the boys at a game. Nathan scored a goal and began pumping his arm, just like the NHL guys do. Jenn looked over at me and we both laughed, it was so funny.

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Linda said...

What do u mean by a clear scan is all the cancer gone or what if so that's great call me please