Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jenn is feeling better and stronger

Like the song says, what a difference a day makes. Actually those were Jennifer’s words today when we chatted. As soon as she picked up the phone I knew she was feeling better. In fact, Jenn said as soon as she woke up today, she knew it was going to be a good day. “I’m not a hundred per cent yet,” she said, but she was sure upbeat and said she was feeling better and stronger. She also had physio-therapy today. She said she was able to move her legs quite well and she is happy that her legs muscles responded. But she says the physio workouts really make her tired. She added that the med team has provided her with pneumatic leggings to increase the circulation in her legs. I clued into that right away because fighter pilots wear something quite similar - a G-suit - to ward off the effects of G-Forces that would pool blood in the legs. The pneumatic leggings inflate and deflate to improve blood circulation. Cool or what.
Jenn says she doesn’t have any word back yet on the results of her MRI imaging from Tuesday, but she said she’s not worried. Her doctor is a straight shooter and if there was any problem he would have said something.
The other good thing is that although her digestive problem persists, Jenn says she hasn’t had a fever in two days. She is on some new meds and she says it may be possible that they’re working better than the previous prescription. Jenn also has not needed a transfusion of platelets for two days, so that is good news as well. Keep up all the good thoughts and prayers!

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Line said...

I am so happy to hear Jenn is doing much better today. I am a true believer of the power with prayers. I have asked everyone I possibly know to pray for my Jenn and it is working.