Sunday, July 31, 2016

YouTube is better than I ever expected

YouTube has become one of my favourite sources of entertainment these days if only because it offers some pretty interesting viewing choices. Jenn and Scott, and Santa Claus, got me a Roku video streaming box a couple of years ago and so I can enjoy watching YouTube on my big screen. Recently, I got a kick out of watching videos of the White House press dinners held in the past few years. Barack Obama has some pretty funny speech writers and in the past few years, he has done some pretty hip and funny joke routines. I also enjoy watching and listening to some amazing music videos. I dare say that almost any favourite song you have can be found on YouTube. It’s the same thing with movie clips. If there is a scene from a favourite movie you would like to see again, do a search on YouTube. I am pretty sure you will find it. Another thing is that some of the best Academy Award winning movies can also be found. I don’t how people manage to get all this stuff online, but I do enjoy seeing it. 

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