Sunday, March 27, 2016

Weekend in Westree ...

I am back home in Timmins and still in relaxation mode after a spending a couple of very nice days at the camp in Westree. Of course Don and Denise were excellent hosts and I was pleased to come home with a care-package consisting a full turkey dinner, a full seafood dinner and a nice slice of raspberry cheesecake. My grandson Tyler and I both celebrated birthday dinners. Jennifer surprised me with a very pleasant gift and a card. 
I am always happy to see the boys who continue to grow like weeds. I think we reached a milestone today when the boys slept-in and when they did come into the kitchen this morning they were more interested in having breakfast than checking out all the Easter goodies. I think the best part was just totally unwinding, playing cards and trying out new things. The girls were all excited about having a margarita machine. I used it to make a very fancy whiskey-rita, but I found the lime juice a bit too tart. All in all, another great weekend in the North.  

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