Monday, January 18, 2016

You must listen to this CBC story

If you get a chance to listen to CBC Radio’s Sunday Edition news program, I urge you to take in the story about UPEI professor Ron Srigley Ph.D. lamenting the poor teaching and poor education standards in Canadian universities.
Prof. Ron Srigley wrote: "There is no real education anymore, but I still have to create the impression that education is happening. Students will therefore come to class, but they will not learn. Professors will give lectures, but they will not teach. Students will receive grades, but they will not earn them. Awards and degrees will be granted, but they will exist only on paper. Smiling students will be photographed at graduation, but they will not be happy." 
 Interestingly, Srigley’s essay on education was not published in Canada, but it was published in the United States.  Srigley said he is deeply troubled by the education system.
Here is a link to the radio programs. It is important. Give it a listen.

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