Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Try it. You might like it.

Jennifer often jokes about my choice of beer. That’s because I am not really brand loyal. I drink whatever happens to be good, or new or different. She calls my choices “weird beer”. I have tried a new brand in the past few weeks and next time we meet, I will see if I can get Jenn to try it. It’s a very nice stout with a vanilla flavour. It also uses the same widget technology that Guinness uses, so you get that draught beer flavour with every can.
Jennifer is very brand loyal. I don’t think she will drink any take-out coffee but Timmies. I will not reveal her favourite beer, and let me tell you Bud, you won’t be any wiser. 
But she might be willing to try this brand, only because it tastes so nice. I will let you know.

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