Thursday, April 17, 2014

The nice people I work with ...

The local media gang in Timmins gets along quite well. Many of us meet on a regular basis to socialize and enjoy each other's company away from the work environment. So with one of our group leaving Timmins to pursue a new job down south, I decided it was my turn to have some company, with a farewell dinner for Paige. It was nice. One of the nice things was that it also forced me to do my spring cleaning. That took about three days. I also enjoying cooking. The menu was pasta primavera, shepherd's pie, glazed chicken with mac salad; a cheese platter, a veggie platter and an anti-pasto plate. Zoom. Everything went. The fun thing was that some of the people were working and so they dropped in after their assignments to eat, chat and laugh. The big surprise came from Lydia, a local TV reporter I've known for several years. She showed up with a very nice birthday cake... a very big cheesecake in fact, complete with two candles, one a six and one a zero. I was indeed caught off guard, but I liked it. So thanks to Lydia, and Emilie, and Paige, and Paige's mom Lori who was in town to help her move, and Amelia, and Nabi, and Shane, and Blair, and Steve, and Brent, and Daniela, and Joey. ***** Also, congrats to my niece Valerie and her man Dennis. Was so pleased to see the photos of the wedding in Arizona. Was also pleased to see my son Neil there, along with several of his cousins who made the trip from Timmins.

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