Monday, April 21, 2014

Good Karma...

Life is good. I am totally relaxed after a nice Easter weekend in Westree. This morning I enjoyed a fabulous piece of leftover carrot cake with coffee for breakfast that I took home with me, from my visit with Don and Denise and the family. Denise has outstanding bakery talent. But the best reason for visiting is to enjoy the great hospitality and the chance to unwind. It is so calm and peaceful there. On Saturday I was sitting on the front porch reading and then I stopped for a bit to enjoy the quiet. A short time later, I realized I had dozed off while sitting on the porch. How relaxed is that? It was great to see everyone too. Jennifer and her guys were there, so the visit was just excellent. The grandchildren are all getting older, quickly it seems. But Westree is where they do have fun. Denise organized a scavenger hunt for the kids and within minutes they all roared away on ATVs. When Victoria,Tyler and Nathan got back more than an hour later, they were all full of stories and laughing hard. I know these are times they will remember for years and hopefully share with their own children someday. I knew I had some good Karma coming my way. A couple of weeks ago, I went to renew my driver's licence and to purchase new licence plate tags. The girl at the counter forget to charge me for them. I only realized it when I left the building. So I drove back to pay the $170 owing to the Ontario Government. The poor clerk was so pleased that I returned to pay. I figure this past weekend was my reward. The other good thing is that there is a new TV season for Downton Abbey. It is a fabulous television series on Netflix. I watched three episodes last night before finally giving up and going to bed at 1:00 a.m.

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