Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sawdust? really...

I picked up a different whiskey today. I bought a bottle of Wild Turkey bourbon. I like to read up on what some reviewers say about the whiskey and then compare it with my own tastes. I always like a smooth whiskey, but the "tasting notes" on one website told me to expect some interesting flavours. Things like caramel, honey, vanilla... even a touch of cinnamon. There might even be the faintest whiff of nutmeg. Okay, fine, I can close my eyes and almost taste those flavours. By the way, Wild Turkey smells very nice ... like opening the wrapper on a Kraft caramel candy. But the thing that really confused me and threw me off was what one taster suggested ... Sawdust! Nope, sorry I just can't figure that taste. But for the record, this is a very nice bourbon ... as they say in Kentucky, it's a sippin' whiskey.

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