Sunday, November 18, 2012

Live and let live (what a rant!) ...

I really try not to worry about international politics. I have enough on my plate right here at home. But I am indeed getting worried about all the crap going on in Israel. It bothers me even more to hear people commenting on it, and getting it wrong.  People like to change history when they talk. But history doesn’t change, just the perceptions change.

And so we have Israel all set to take on another aggressor that plays to the world stage. I am talking about Hamas. They’re a group of racist killers who are intent of forcing Israel into a war so they can try to win world sympathy. Prime Minister Harper won’t talk to Hamas, neither will President Obama. Thank Christ for that! Hamas is a Palestinian word that translates as Terrorist Assholes.
    So here’s the thing about Israel. It won the right to form a country back in 1948. Since that time, every damned country around it, (All non-Jewish by the way) have been trying to destroy Israel. Israel realizes that this isn’t some little skirmish. Every time Israel goes to war, it is fighting for its life. And so the Israeli armed forces don’t fool around. When they go to war, they go to win. And since 1948 Israel has kicked the living shit out of every Arab nation that has attacked it. And so the camel kickers go running back to their tents crying about losing their rights and losing their land. 
     All those dummies have to do is learn to live and let live. That’s all … live and let live.  But no. They want to fight the battles of the Bible all over again.  In the past month Hamas has been firing rockets into Israel. By the way, Hamas has a tactic of firing its rockets from civilian areas, knowing that Israel will not likely respond to the rocket launchers. And so last week Israel had enough. It sent up a drone aircraft that found the leader of Hamas driving his car. The drone fired a missile that sent the Hamas asshole to hell. One shot, one kill. And now people get all upset saying Israel is so bad. It they want to find out how bad, just keep pissing off Israel.

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