Sunday, September 09, 2012

Pretty sharp eh...

Can't believe I am writing about this, but when a product is good, I tell people. Back at the end of the June when Tyler, Nathan and I arrived in Toronto at Union Station we were met by a couple of students handing out free Gilette razors. It was a small travel size pack. What a good idea for meeting people at the train station. So as we walked by I took one and I used it the next day. So I don't have a Fred Flintstone beard, but my whiskers are scruffy enough. I couldn't believe how clean the shave was. Over the years I have been buying different types of razors, looking for the best one. Can you believe how expensive they're getting? Anyway, I used this Gilette Fusion thing and it was great. First week of July, second week of July. Hmmm... does this thing ever get dull? You can sense a dull razor by the fact that it nicks the skin with a tiny cut when it can no longer cut through the whiskers. So I used this razor all during July and it was fine. I figured I should go out and buy a package of blade. Gilette marketing people seem to know their stuff. Well I got to the store and the four-pack of blades was $18!!! Eighteen dollars! I figured I had to find out if the blades in the store were as good as the free one. If the blades lasted the whole month, it would be worth it. Sure enough, I put a new blade in place in August... and I didn't change it until yesterday, second week of September! The way this is going, that four-pack should last me until the new year! I am sold. From now on it's Fusion.

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