Friday, September 21, 2012

Getting better and better ...

Had a nice chat with Jennifer this week. She is back in school mode.  How cool is that? When you think about all she endured three years ago, it’s nice to see how well she is doing. After Jenn was sick for so long, she eventually got better. Then she began doing volunteer work at the cancer centre in Sudbury. Now Jennifer is going back to school to study for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. I am so proud of Jenn for that.

So now, every morning, she has to help get the boys off the school while she gets ready for classes herself. And then there’s homework. Yuck. But I am confident Jenn can handle it.  And her guys are pretty cool fellows and I am sure they’ll be helping out too.
By the way, all three of her men are getting back into hockey mode.  Maybe some of those NHL guys can take a hint eh?

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