Monday, August 13, 2012

Lack of attention ...

I like playing Scrabble ... especially on the computer. It's fast and fun and the scoring is a lot easier since the computer does it for you.  But the problem is that the computer recognizes if you are a strong player, and somehow the computer tries to reduce your chances. I noticed it this week. The computer played the word "miasmal" ... oh sure, that's a word we use everyday eh. It means something unpleasant in the air... okay, fine. So I had the letters TTAEION. After a bit of shuffling and with other letters on the board... I was able to spell ATTENTION.  Good word or what?  Here's the thing. Scrabble did NOT recognize the word. WHAT?  Yeah, that's right, the computer said ATTENTION was not recognized. Wham, bam, slam that laptop down! Miasmal... yeah right, something stinks that's for sure!

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