Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Breaking Bad? Yawwwwwwn...

I've begun watching a new TV series... Well, it's not that new, but it is new to me. Hotel Babylon. I read some reviews and decided to give it a shot. It's on Netflix. Hey, for eight dollars a month, who can complain? So I sat down earlier this week, pressed the remote and was pleased to see that it is produced by BBC. So that's a good thing. Sure enough, I am five episodes into Season-1 and I am pleased. The writing is good and the storylines are cool. I find the actors (and their roles) very likable. Television shows are like books I think. Not everyone agrees on what they like. That's how it is with a show called Breaking Bad. I think Debra told me about it first. And now everyone I ask, just raves about it. Okay, so I tried watching it. First episode... hmmmm, Okay I guess. But I just couldn't get into it. So I let it go for a few months, and tried again. It has won several awards. So I had to give it another shot. Hmmm... nope. Didn't thrill me, or leave me wondering at work what the next episode might be. Maybe next year.
So that's that. Spoke with Jennifer this week and she and her guys are back from a holiday in Newfoundland. They all had a wonderful time. I am pleased, not just for Jennifer, but also for the boys. It is nice they get to see more of our great country.  I guess I take it for granted. When we were kids, Dad was in the RCAF, so living in different parts of Canada was normal.
Debra and John were in Europe! How cool is that? I am confident they had a great time.
Timmins has had a wonderful summer, with so many things going on for the 100th anniversary celebrations.  The annual kayak festival is on this weekend, so that will be a good time.

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