Sunday, April 01, 2012

Happy April

I got a real kick out of the fact that the boys called Saturday morning with BDay withes for old Papa Lenny. It was fun to chat with them. They're still kids, but they talk about lots of interesting things... they're pretty thoughtful. So yes Saturday was a good day to buy myself a gift. Sure enough, I found myself browsing the shelves at Coles where I picked up two news book by two of my favourite authors, Ted Bell and Ken Follett. So that will keep me occupied for a week or two. I also bought an apple pie! Got home, put the tea on, cut a slice of pie and began reading. Before long it was nine oclock. I forgot all about the Earth Hour thing about shutting off lights for one hour. I sure wasn't going to read in the dark. So I poured a Jameson and drank a toast to all the environmentalists out there.
So today is April and that means it is Tyler's Birthday. No foolin! He is twelve years old. I will get to see him on Friday. That will be fun.Here's a pic of Ty and Princess Curly Mom in Timmins last summer.
April will also have Earth Day. I know that the local school kids head out on the local highways every year on Earth Day to pick up litter. It makes them feel good. So I am going to do my part. I will take my Tim Horton's paper coffee cup and toss it out the window that day, so the kids will have something to pick up and they will feel so good about themselves.

Just Kidding!!!

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