Sunday, April 08, 2012

ATV Adventure

Easter Weekend was a bit more fun than I imagined it would be. I was pleased to be able to get down to Westree to the Alexander camp to spend time with Jennifer, Scott and her boys Tyler and Nathan, Don and Denise Alexander, along with Christine, Dimitrios and Victoria. I got into relaxation mode right away. As soon as I arrived, Denise was serving appetizers. We had all wonderful seafood dinner, and there was a fabulous full moon Friday night. We sat around the big fire and enjoyed drinks and conversation.

Saturday proved to be a big adventure. It was decided we’d go on an ATV ride and have a picnic at a nearby lake. So we head out on what was supposed to be a two hour trip. But the trails were a bit mucky in places and that slowed us down quite a bit.
The real fun began we came to a part of the road that was washed out. The washout was old and was not supposed to be much of a challenge. But the beavers had been at work creating dams, so there was too much water to cross the washout. There was a bit upper dam with the big pond behind it and a lower dam with a small pond about a metre deep.
I took a minute to enjoy the fact that we could see a couple of the beavers working on their little house in the middle of the pond. Look right in the centre of the second photo.

After a bit of discussion, Scott and Don determined the washout could be crossed if they could figure a way to lower the water level in the lower dam. I thought, No Way! But Scott and the boys set to work tearing out sticks and mud from the lower dam with their bare hands. Well, what do ya know? After several minutes the water began receding. Don was able to cross the washout with the bigger ATV, but a couple of the smaller bikes had to be “walked” across the upper dam. Sure enough, those fellas did the job and got everyone across. Who would’ve believed that?

After awhile we all stopped by a perfect Northern Ontario lake and had pop and sandwiches. No wonder Westree people smile a lot. After that nice little break, we made our way home. The two hour trip took more than four hours, but it sure was fun.

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