Monday, October 24, 2011

I don’t use normal whiskey glasses anymore. I have discovered that many of the bars and most of the distilleries that make good whiskey use the newly designed Glencairn Glass, which is supposed to heighten the whiskey experience by concentrating the aroma before you sip. I don’t know if I have mastered the art of concentrating the aroma, or whether there’s enough time before I sip a whiskey, but I am learning. The “new” design came out only ten years ago, which is an innovation considering that most good whiskies on the market today were laid down even before the first glasses came out. So I haven’t really risen to the occasion because I have not been able to find a proper Glencairn glass in Timmins. But I was at Winners last week and I saw these stemmed glasses which are quite close in design. So I bought them. They will make do until I am able to find a set of the right glasses. In meantime, I am going to sign off so I can practice my sipping.

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