Sunday, June 05, 2011

I like cookies and prospectors too

Sunday morning, tea and cookies. Yeah, I know it's not the healthiest breakfast, but it will do today. Wow, hard to believe June is here already. I was thinking about that this week as nearly all of my photo assignments have been outdoors. I am okay with that. Well the new computer is all set up to my liking. It is working nicely and very fast. I have removed all the files from the old laptop and will be handing it off to the boys next chance I get. I have a full Rubbermaid box at the front door of all the clothes I did NOT wear this past winter. I will have to drop it off at the church. It's too easy to get too many clothes. I also put my second last suit in the box. I have not worn a suit since Jennifer's wedding, so I figure it is time to get rid of one and keep one. I thought about suits about a month back when I was covering "a gala dinner" for the prospectors association. Sure there were a lot of suits there, but there were just as many guys without suits, wearing dress pants and a checkered shirt! If you've just found a new gold mine, people don't really care whether you're wearing a suit.
That reminds me. It was at that dinner that I met several people from across Canada and we talked about how we all seem to like prospectors. They're some of my favourite people. We agreed that they're a cheerful and optimistic group. I know one fellow well. His name is Dave. He's around 60 and I have known him since his twenties. There were a few times I saw him with a new truck and I knew things were going good. Then one day I saw him walking home from the grocery store, carrying his groceries. He had to sell the truck. So I knew things were hard for him. A couple of weeks ago, I heard Dave had staked some new ground on the big gold play west of Timmins. I sure hope this is "the big one" for him. He's a good guy.

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