Monday, February 21, 2011


Funny how instinct works eh. I was in a bookstore about a month ago and picked up a stack of novels. One of them was by Leon Uris. I read a lot of his stuff years ago, but not recently. He always wrote excellent stories. Acting on instinct, I bought the book. So I started in on the novel and for some reason it didn't click. I just couldn't get into that book. It was disappointing. Last night, I finished reading the last of my other books and I felt a funny panic because I was suddnely out of books, on a Sunday night and today is a stat holiday in Ontario. No book stores are open. I actually laughed because it felt like I had run out of food or something urgent. So I went back to the bookcase and found the Uris novel I had put away and began reading it; actually forcing myself to get into the pages. Well whattya know? It's a good read. I'm really enjoying it. Funny eh?

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