Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy day Deb!

I think I mentioned earlier how I feel about my new coffee mug. It’s the best. And it’s not the Tim Hortons thing at all… it’s just that it’s a nice big ceramic mug and it has a rounded lip on it, just like the paper cups do. For some reason I enjoy drinking from it more than any other. So I have thrown out three other mugs. Like most people I have several coffee mugs in the cupboard, but since I am using just one, I figure why bother with others. Oh, I kept several mugs. You know, the ones that friend’s give you that have your name on them or some logo from a special place. They all still in the cupboard. I am confident that at some point they will become pencil holders. Today will be a good day. We’re some expecting some nice cold temps and some sunshine. It is still dark now, but I am planning some snow shoeing.
I mentioned that to Debra last night. I called to chat and wish her happy birthday…. Shhhhh! she said, since she doesn’t want anyone to know she has reached a “milestone” birthday. So you won’t hear it from me that she’s not 29 anymore.
At this stage of life, it’s always nice to enjoy little treats. I always get cravings for sweet things, but I don’t always make the required effort for something special. I had a couple of pears sitting on my breadbox yesterday, so I went online in search of a good recipe for poached pears. I was going to do the traditional red wine poaching, but I found another recipe for sherry and whiskey poaching. Well, lah dee dah! I was pleased with the result, except that I didn’t have any whipped cream to top it off. Regardless, the pears were sweet and the nectar of sherry, whiskey, brown sugar and spices was amazing. I ate two halves last night. The other two halves are still in the fridge. Maybe I will go out and pick up some whipped cream. Yes, it’s going to be a nice day.

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