Sunday, December 26, 2010

What a change eh?

Several of us noticed it at the same time. It was Christmas morning in Val Caron and there was Jennifer standing at the sink doing dishes after our Christmas breakfast. What a wonderful change from this time last year when Jenn was sick and had to be brought home from the hospital to spend Christmas with the family. Last year she was in a wheelchair and several times during the day, Jenn was in bed regaining her strength. And so it goes and the world is a better place today. At dinner last night, Scott made a very nice toast to family and good health. Very aprorpriate. Christmas in Val Caron was excellent. Scott, Jenn, Tyler and Nathan are hosting Victoria, Christine, Demetrios, Don, Denise and myself. It is really a full house. The coffee and Bailey's tastes nice this morning. The Weather is mild and Tyler is winning the hockey game on the Wii system. Don just arrived back at the house with a big order from Tim Hortons, so it's time to enjoy breakfast. Cheers to all.

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