Monday, December 27, 2010

Another really nice Christmas!

Finally back home in Timmins after three wonderful days with Jenn and her family. We sure had a full house, but Christmas dinner was nice because we had TWO dinners. One at Jenn and Scott's place and then a Boxing Day Dinner with the extended Alexander family at a rented hall. It was perfect. I had time to snap plenty of photos. There is one of the children on Christmas morning, just moments before they were let loose on the gifts. On Christmas night I went for a walk in the yard and snapped a photo of the house. Scott and Jenn live in the country and it's a beautiful setting. Tyler and I were playing in the yard Sunday and he had fun getting buried up to his neck in snow. He is very entertaining.

On the way home today, the forest looked amazing with all the frost and snowflakes clinging to the branches. So I snapped a few more shots. In one photo, if you click on it, you can see the individual snowflakes. And I even snapped a photo of the truck in the snow on a sideroad... A really nice winter day in the North.

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