Monday, November 08, 2010

A sad situation

I don't often let my work cross over into my blog stuff, but today was different. I had to be in court to cover the bail hearing of a young woman who is accused of faking cancer to collect money to finance cancer treatments. I have to be careful what I write here, because the court issued a Ban on Publication, meaning one must obey the court order and not publish evidence, ... even on a blog. I photographed the woman as she was escorted from court and back to jail. I wasn't happy being there. Somebody mentioned that after all the suffering Jennifer endured in the past year, I must be feeling especially angry to see somebody faking cancer. Actually, it wasn't anger. It was just sadness to see a young person having to resort to faking illness for whatever reason. I don't think anyone who truly knows what a cancer patient endures could possibly think about faking it. For some unhappy reason, the young person in court did what she did and it's all quite sad. I sat in court and watched at she looked up at some friends and then burst into tears, covering her face. I know this sounds like I am a softy, but the important thing is that Jennifer has recovered her health. Nothing else matters, not even the fact that some misguided young person has done something stupid.

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