Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Keeping tabs on the Neil!

Actually, I am joking. Neil is keeping tabs on himself for me using that Twitter thingy. He and Nolene are traveling these days in South America. So Neil is sending out messages via Twitter so that he can keep in touch. I guess it's kind of cool and sure saves on the phone bill. I am saving the messages ... here they are in their raw form:

nmgillis nmgillis: awesome curry, great hospitality, good friends & an endless supply of rum! thanks for the great times @chilledperu wish i could stay longer!26 Oct Favorite Retweet Reply

» nmgillis nmgillis: good morning from Peru! border crossing went fairly easy, saw some amazing ancient ruins yesterday. they have a god named Crab-man! so cool.25 Oct Favorite Retweet Reply
swimmin´in the ocean, workin´on my sunburn, suckin´back cervezas.... life is so hard. where to next?16 Oct via web Favorite Retweet Reply

nmgillis nmgillis dear Latin America.. your music is not that good. after an 8hr bus ride with one CD playing ALL NIGHT LONG, give it a rest. for real.15 Oct Favorite Retweet Reply

» nmgillis nmgillis Breakfast in Baños - amazing! getting ready for a 12hr or so overnighter to the coast. what to do this afternoon? maybe hit the market? yup.14 Oct Favorite Retweet Reply

» nmgillis nmgillis first official south of the equator sunburn - check! great bike ride today, will be sore tommorw, thank gawd for thermal hot baths!13 Oct Favorite Retweet Reply

OCT.12,2010 - hey guys! just a quick note to let yà know that i made it down safe and sound! as for day one all i can say is the country is beautiful! flew into Quito late last night & Nolene picked me up at the airport (thank Gawd) and we stayed at this super neat hostel named the ´`Secret Garden¨... after a 3hr bus ride this morning we made it into Baños, a small touristy town with hot springs, mountains & waterfalls.. dinner and a couple beers tonight then off to do a 60km bike ride (down hill at least - c´mon now!) into another small town named Puyo. after a few days here we gonna make it to the coast then back then down to Peru for the 22nd or so.. so yes.. all is good, we are alive and awaiting more adventures... will send pics a lil later when we have time to upload them.. prob will be updated my flickr acct which has been lonely for the past few years... will be updating twiiter so keep an eye on that! until then, Ciao! much love! talk soon!

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