Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Had some fun this weekend. I was able to put on some really gross make-up and get out to a couple of Halloween parties. The first was a fun get-together at my apartment building where everyone met in the lobby for some drinks and a few treats, Saturday afternoon. Something in the wine made me sleepy, so I had a quick nap and then went out to another party hosted by Martha Dillman and Amanda Dyer, a couple of local radio announcers, who are both from Nova Scotia! They throw the the best parties. Great food, great company, great fun . I guess I am one of those people who believes Halloween is about being scarey ... and not just a costume event. Even the cab driver said I looked horrible! Woohoo : )

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Anonymous said...

ewww thats pretty grosse, good, but grosse! ta