Friday, July 30, 2010

What's the buzz?

I had a chat with Jenn this week and she says she is feeling fine and doing well. My spies tell me she has been walking outside in the yard without her cane. Ahh, yes, my fave daughter has an independent streak a mile wide. When I say walking in the yard, you have to remember Jenn lives in the country and her yard is about the size of a football field. If this keeps up, I will have to buy her a skateboard! This has been a fun week in other ways as well. I zoomed over to Foleyet Thursday to have a quick visit with Tyler, Nathan and Victoria, who are three of the greatest kids in the world. Of course it was also nice to see Denise and Don there too, and just as nice, got to see Aunt Line and Uncle Moe. The whole gang was at the Red Pine Lodge. I was pleased to leave a chocolate cake for the kids. Ty said he was going to have it for breakfast.
The drive back to Timmins was great. The highway is remote enough there was very little traffic so I opened the windows and enjoyed the amazingly fresh clean northern air. That's when I noticed how much fireweed was in bloom everywhere. There are huge patches of it. It's always nice to see to break up the endless rolling landscape of lakes, rocks and trees. It's called fireweed because it's usually one of the first plants to come back in the boreal forest after a forest fire has occurred. So I snapped a couple of photos and got a bit of action as busy little bee, on the right, went from blossom to blossom. (click the pic to see it close-up) So that was nice.

This morning, I covered a little news event that really got to me. A local police inspector has retired and there was a little ceremony at police headquarters. Holy sugar, I thought, I remembered when this guy joined the police force and now he is retiring! I started wondering when I am going to retire. I can't imagine that right now. I get bored too quickly. And I am wayyyyy too nosey. I think I am blessed to be doing something I enjoy. I scoot around town all week snapping photos of people winning awards, or doing things they like, and most people are happy to see me ... unless you're the guy coming out of the courthouse with the handcuffs on.
I booked my hotel rooms this week for my stay in Victoria in September. It will be nice to take a few days off I suppose. Seeing Neil again will be nice. And my niece Melissa lives in Victoria. She's a hoot so I am sure we will all be having fun. Well it's Friday afternoon and there's a cold glass of wine waiting somewhere. Keep smiling.

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