Saturday, July 24, 2010

TV or Internet

I called the cable company this week. I was going to order digital cable. But at the last minute I backed out. I did however decide to order up the new and improved ultra-fast Internet service. I find I am just too busy to watch TV and I am at the stage now that when I do watch, I feel guilty that I should be doing something more productive. And I sure don't need TV for the news anymore. As funny as it sounds, TV news is too slow. If you want fast up-to-date news, check your newspaper website. (CBC Radio is pretty good too.) The internet thing will also let me buy TV programs I truly want to see and download them. So we'll see how that goes. When hockey season comes back, well who knows what will happen. Apparently my new TV allows me to play television programs right from my laptop. (I just haven't figured out how that works.) I am also looking into downloading books from the net -- Just to see how that goes. I think the folks over at the Third Avenue bookstore will be worried. LOL

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