Saturday, May 15, 2010

It a good morning eh

Saturday morning and the coffee smells great today. I am drinking tea on the weekdays and coffee on the weekends now. Wow, I can understand why somebody wrote that phrase "Wake up and smell the coffee!" It's a good thing.
I covered the Ontario Mine Rescue dinner last night. It was nice to see the fellows from Goldcorp in Timmins win the competition for the second year in a row.
I was happy to see my brother in law Moe there. (click the photo at the right!) Moe is an outstanding mine rescue guy and I have to admit I felt some pride when it was announced he was one of a just a handful of guys who aced the written exam. Way to go Moe!
By the way, I think we're in for some interesting NHL hockey in the coming days. I notice there are a lot of fans out there for the Canadians ... there are still a few who are fans of the "Canadiens". Somebody the other day said, Jeez, there's a lot of Habs fans. I wouldn't call myself a Habs fan, but I do hope the Canadian team wins : )

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