Sunday, April 25, 2010

Guilt tripping

It's that time of year. Girl Guides are selling their cookies. One of the moms at work managed to sell me three boxes of cookies for her daughter. I feel guilty. Between Friday and Saturday, I ate a whole box. I guess it was wrong to leave the box sitting out open on the kitchen counter.
Spring has finally arrived in Timmins. (Knock on wood!) I don't think and certainly don't hope we will get anymore snow. But we've had snow in July here, so I am never surprised after living in Northern Ontario all these years.
Now that I have booked my holidays, it seems that's all I can think about. It has been too many years since I first visited the west coast. When I was a high school student in North Bay, I remember when the summer of 1971 arrived. It was another boring Friday afternoon and I didn't have a summer job yet. North Bay is the crossroads for the two major highways in Northern Ontario, Highway 11 and Highway 17. A friend and I had seen dozens of other young people out on the highways. They were hitchhiking. That's when we decided we would do that too. It was a different time then and fun to be 17. I went home and told Mom and Dad I was going to Vancouver. So I packed some clothes and a sleeping bag and grabbed about $40 in cash and by midnight we were in Sault Ste. Marie. Six days later, and after riding a freight train through the Rockies, we made it to Vancouver.

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