Monday, February 01, 2010

Cookies, whiskey and other stuff.

Jenn and I were like a couple of chatty little hens tonight when I called. It’s funny how we get talking and just go on and on and on. I forgot that I had put on water for tea and it was a good thing the burner was on low. After about 45 minutes of yakking, for some reason I remembered about the tea, so I jumped up and ran to the kitchen. All the water, except for about a teaspoon, had boiled off. So that was good for a laugh. But Jenn gave me hell for not being more careful. I will learn from it I am sure. Make the tea first then call Jenn. I decided that it was too late to make a fresh pot of tea, so as I signed off with Jenn I poured a nice glass of Jameson’s and because it was bedtime snack time, I added an oatmeal cookie. Well son of a gun, what a treat. Have your ever dipped a cookie into a glass of whiskey? It’s delicious. I should go into business… be like the Sham Wow guy, but just for whiskey and cookies. By the way, Jenn is doing very nicely with her physio therapy. She says she is now cramming in two sessions a day, but says some days she gets pretty tired. Maybe I should send her some cookies, and whiskey!

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