Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More chemo-therapy on the way

About time I updated things here. I have been busy ever since I got back from Sudbury on Monday, because I have decided to sell the house. I had a good chat about it with Neil and Jennifer and I decided I just don’t need a house anymore. It takes more time and effort to keep this place going than I am willing to commit to, so I am going to find a new apartment where I don’t have to shovel snow, cut the grass, work in the shed, fix the faucets or look after the thousand-and-one other things that need attention. The real-estate lady is quite excited … she says I could be out of here in a few weeks. So it should be interesting in the coming weeks and months to see how things unfold. I will be sure to get a two-bedroom place so there is always room for visitors.
My visit to Sudbury was excellent. We had Thanksgiving dinner at Jenn’s place with Scott and Jennifer, Neil, Candice and Gee. It was just perfect. Of course there was way too much food, but just enough wine.
Jennifer is going to be on a new regimen of chemo-therapy treatment on Friday. The med team says it wants to be absolutely certain that all the leukemia cells are gone, so more chemo is prescribed. Jenn has mixed feelings about it. She knows its going to make her feel terrible, but she says she now knows how effective the treatment is because the first round of chemo-therapy resulted in zero leukemia cells when they did the bone marrow test last week.
But the oncologist explained that just because there was no cancer found in the sample, it doesn’t mean that a cancer cell is not lurking somewhere else in Jennifer’s body. Of all the billions of good cells in the body he said, all it takes is one bad cell to grow a tumour.
That’s the reason why the med team is being so aggressive with the chemo. You can’t argue with that. I chatted a bit with Jenn tonight, but she was struggling with an upset stomach that was quite irritating for her. She thinks it may be due to the fact that she is now allowed to eat solid foods again and her stomach is taking awhile to get used to that. I hope she feels better soon.

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