Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jennifer and diamonds

I had a nice chat with Jennifer this morning. She is on day-three of her new round of chemo-therapy and she says she feels okay, and she sounded okay, but we both know that the chemo will make her feel poorly in a few days. She did sound a bit tired today, but I think that’s because I called earlier than normal and woke her. The encouraging thing is that the chemo sure seems to do its job in killing the leukemia cells in Jenn’s blood. The med team has added a new tube to Jenn’s body. They’ve put a line into her belly and they’re giving some sort of a pain medication. This one is to help her cope with the pain in her legs. It’s a recurring pain that is more like a continuous ache. Jenn says she doesn’t know if it’s a good or bad thing yet, since there was a period when she had no feeling. Let’s hope for the best she says. This is also a special week for Jenn and October 21 is a special day for her. More on that later this week. I had to cover a little story with De Beers Canada this week… they have a diamond mine near Timmins and they’re donating a beautiful one-carat diamond to the Timmins hospital as a fundraiser. I don’t know much about diamonds, but the one they’re donating is a Princess of Hearts cut, valued at $20,000. That’s kind of cool. As part of the announcement, the De Beers people handed out these big fat, fake diamonds … but jeez, they sure look impressive don’t they.

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Anonymous said...

Oct 21? why so special?
thinking of jenn always.