Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Something new!

Just a quick update today. Jennifer was certainly upbeat when we chatted awhile ago. She is still fighting a fever, but they’re trying out some new meds and she is hopeful. They’re also giving her extra nutrients through the I.V. which she says makes things a lot easier and gives her strength. The big news is that they’ve given Jenn a new air-bed … it’s valued at about $70,000. The nice thing is that it inflates and deflates so that the patient can adjust it to their personal comfort level. Jenn thinks it is pretty cool. Me too! I can imagine the boys will get a kick out of it once they see it too. I have to admit I am amazed at how good the treatment is at the Sudbury hospital. I know the past few days have been rough on her, but I am confident she is slowly getting her strength back. I hadn’t talked to her since Sunday… she gave me hell for that too. That was nice. I like it when Jenn gives me hell … I can tell she is getting stronger.

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