Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Carrying on...

Jennifer says the medications she is taking are making her more tired that usual. I sure believe her. She and Scott were supposed to watch the Maple Leafs exhibition game last night, but poor Jenn fell asleep when the game was on. Knowing what a hockey fan Jenn is, especially a Leafs fan, I know she would do anything to watch that game. But she says it could also be the new bed she has... she's says it is toooo comfy! We chatted a bit last night and I could tell she was soooo tired, so we ended our call early. Yesterday was interesting in that I had time to chat with an old friend whose family also coped with cancer. Terry Laporte was able to provide some helpful advice and insights. He actually wrote a very nice book about the situation in his family. I read it all before bed last night and I will be pleased to share it with Scott and Jennifer, soon. Today Jennifer sounded upbeat. I think that's because Denise dropped by for a nice visit. Jennifer also said she noticed that she is now beginning to lose some of her hair... but she says she doesn't think she will be too bothered by it. Scott has already shaved his head and Jenn says the boys are thinking of it as well. What a cool gang they are. Some things in life are sure not perfect, but they are carrying on.

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Ainslie said...

It's good to hear how Jenn is feeling, thanks for keeping us posted. I'm glad she's at least able to get some good rest, I bet her body needs right now. Every day we think of Jenn at the restaurant, we're always sending our best thoughts and good wishes your way for a speedy recovery.
All our best!
Ainslie Loney ~Pat & Mario's