Thursday, April 26, 2007

A new toaster!

Well I finally did it. If you remember a posting from last August, you’d know I was thinking of getting a new toaster. Well I caved a couple of weeks ago, gave up a bunch of Airmiles and ordered my new appliance. It arrived today. I threw in an onion bagel and it was just fine, thanks.
I haven’t been in here for a few days because I have been extra busy making sure all goes well in the new job. The news stuff is easy, but I am struggling with the old Macintosh computer system… it’s click and wait, click and wait. I guess I have to have patience.
In other news today, I have a new blog. We’ve started up a newsroom blog to keep people in the loop on breaking stories. We are a twice-weekly paper. We don’t publish daily. But we are in the newsroom seven days a week, so we may as well keep our readers informed. That’s all for now. I think I will go make some toast and tea.

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Anonymous said...

some guy said..
always knew ya be running that publication.. and always hinted at 3 presses a week...make it 5 & open up the demo(!) i hate myself thinkin like a marketeer! i'm sheeple! baah!hahaa
Good luck on the paper Dad!