Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I need a toaster!

Actually I need a life ~ ha ha ha ~ So yeah my toaster really sucks. It only toasts half a slice at a time... then i have to flip it over and toast the other half. Since I don't plan on being in a wedding any time soon, I figure I will have actually go out and buy a new toaster. But I really don't have to do that either... I have airmiles! Woohoo. So I have narrowed the choices between a sleek and sexy TFal Avante and a retro-looking Cuisinart Classic. So I am gonna go to Google and see what the internet weinies have to say. OMG I can't believe I am actually doing research on toasters. Yes, I need a life! But hey, stay tuned boys and girls. You won't wanna miss out on my choice. Then it' ll be time for a toast & peanut butter party.

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