Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rebate Rant

I don't like rebates. Especially when you're asked to mail in your rebate. The stores make you pay tax on the full price... but the rebates don't give you the tax back. So I don't do the rebate thing. I let store managers know my feelings too. I tell 'em I would likely buy the product if they give me the rebate right away... and they can send in the coupon. But few do that. Be careful too... if they give you the so-called instant rebate at the cash register, make sure you're not paying taxes on the higher price. I think if more people speak out, the rebate thing may go away. Just so you know I got a new laptop recently. There was a mail-in rebate coupon attached to it. I told the guy, "hey I will buy that right now... if you send it the rebate". Sure enough... he gave me the discount right then and there. So sometimes it pays to speak up.

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