Thursday, November 16, 2006

Boots in the oven.

No, I am not having sole for supper! I was chatting awhile back with a friend about the best way to treat winter boots for salt and slush. I normally use Dubbin. My friend, Bryan Pacello from Spanish, says "put 'em in the oven before you put the Dubbin on..." He says its better to work on warm boots. I figure Bryan knows a bit about these things... for about 20 years he has been running snowmobile and ATV wilderness tours. He spends a lot of time in the bush. So yes, I put my Sorels in the oven like he said. It will either work very well... or that b*stard Bryan is laughing his ass off at me! ha ha ha.


Anonymous said...

Hope you let us know which it is: Is he killing himself laughing or does it help????

Anonymous said...

I think we will find out soon enough. Timmins got dumped on with snow overnight... tonnes and tonnes of snow!!