Sunday, October 22, 2006

Dad & Daughter take a walk eh...

I am so pleased to say that I walked down the aisle with my fabulous daughter Jennifer Saturday and presented her to her new husband. It was a fantastic day. I guess I could have smiled a bit more, but that walk was pretty emotional.
Scott Alexander is an amazing guy and I am so pleased he and Jen are married. Here's a nice photo of Mr. and Mrs. Alexander.
I also spent some time with my son Neil. He looked almost as good as his old man. He wore the McPherson tartan, while I wore the Ancient Gillis tartan. Hmmm... there's something about that word ancient eh.


Anonymous said...

This cheerful picture is a wonderful homage to men of kilture... oh.... I meant culture! CHeers to you!
JO (M.W.)

Lorraine said...

Love the kilts! Nice photos of what was obviously a very happy day.