Monday, June 12, 2017

Too many e-mails.

OMG people are going crazy with e-mails and twitter. So I was feeling proud of myself recently when I brought my work e-mail account down to about 200 in the Inbox. So I got busy on some special projects and ignored the e-mail account for a couple of days.
There are now more than 600 in the Inbox. The really important e-mails from my key sources automatically go to my phone, so I thought I wasn’t missing much. But there’s the thing. I have to give each note a quick look to figure out whether to keep it. Every now and then, there is something really important that comes through. Problem is that everybody and every group out there is sending out e-mails now. If the Liberals put out a news release, the Cons and NDP feel they have to react to it. So they put out their e-mails. And if there is a looming labour dispute, such as the possible LCBO strike in Ontario, you can expect half a dozen e-mails every time somebody squeaks. So everybody has an opinion on everything. And they have to tell everybody. Crazy. 

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